About Us

AEC industry black workers

Mission Statement

AEC Unites facilitates intentional opportunities for Black talent and Black-owned businesses in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry.


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OUR Goals

  1. Inspire, promote, and ensure equity and inclusion in the AEC industry.
  2. Unite the AEC industry in a commitment to unlock the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Black community.
  3. Build Black-owned business capacity through intentional procurement strategies, partnering, mentoring, and training.
  4. Attract, build, and advance Black talent within the AEC industry.

Pillars and strategy


Serve as the premier resource for Black talent to identify pathways to careers and leadership opportunities in the AEC industry.

  • Create a career launch pad including industry exposure, mentorship, professional development, and coaching, with certifications and trainings for career advancement.
  • Create a talent pipeline into the AEC industry through partnerships with the Federal Government to Historically Black Colleges and Universities and other groups.


Create sustainable opportunities and support Black-owned businesses to advance their growth and business capacity in the AEC industry.

  • Encourage our clients (public and private) to provide sustainable opportunities to work with Black-owned businesses.
  • Create a playbook for members on how to procure sustainable opportunities with Black-owned businesses.
  • Create a robust database of Black-owned AEC businesses.

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