About Us

AEC industry black workers

Mission Statement

Drive equity and inclusion in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction community by facilitating intentional opportunities for black talent and organizations.

Pillars and strategy


Create career pathways and advancements within the AEC industry to attract and retain black talent.

  • Create a career launch pad including industry exposure, mentorship, professional development, and coaching, with certifications and trainings for career advancement.
  • Create a talent pipeline into the AEC industry through partnerships with the federal government to HBCUs and other groups.


Encourage our industry peers to source black firms for all jobs.

  • Create the most robust and accessible list of black firms to hire for all aspects of our jobs.
  • Resource for black equity solutions for procurement to build significant capacity, level-up minority.
  • certifications for greater recognition and contract engagement.
  • Provide best practices for our industry on how to best find and hire black firms on jobs.


Push our clients to commit to hiring and contracting standards with black firms.

  • Create an AEC industry playbook for clients on how to ensure they are running an open and fair process when working with the AEC industry.
  • Curate the most recognized, robust and easily accessible AEC black list available.
  • Be a resource for our clients on how to provide sustainable work.

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