Embracing Inclusion and Opportunity During #InfrastructureWeek

As we conclude #InfrastructureWeek, we stand at a pivotal intersection of opportunity and responsibility. The enactment of the Infrastructure Law and legislative advancements such as the CHIPS Act heralded a new era of investment and innovation. These initiatives extend beyond mere economic measures; they serve as vital conduits to historically left behind communities. Last week and beyond, our challenge is to construct more than roads and bridges; we are called to forge pathways toward equity and inclusion.

The AEC Unites Inclusive Infrastructure Executive Roundtable has sparked thoughtful discussions on embedding inclusivity into infrastructure projects, cultivating inclusive organizational cultures, and showcasing successful community-centric initiatives. These dialogues are essential for driving change within the AEC industry and ensuring our efforts are truly inclusive.

We extend our profound gratitude to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Accelerator for America team for graciously hosting us and providing a collaborative platform for our members to exchange best practices on inclusive infrastructure. Your support is instrumental in advancing our mission.

A special thank you to the AEC Unites members for their vital contributions. Your dedication and insights are the foundation of our progress. Additionally, our sincere gratitude goes to Stephen Benjamin, Assistant, and Senior Advisor to the President and Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement, for his invaluable insights. Your guidance is helping us shape a more inclusive future for all.

Together, we are building not just infrastructure but a legacy of equity and inclusion that will benefit future generations.

Let’s continue pushing forward, ensuring our efforts create lasting impacts in every community we serve.